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Photo Credit

Photos of the property belong to © Cremoren Cottages. Thanks to Ronan Perrenou for his photos.

Thanks to Wikipidia Community, Pixabay and Flick for the free photos on the web page “Major Attractions” : Photos for  Pont-Aven & Quimper : Massimo Frasson; Concarneau : Gabriel Le Naour, Richard August, Jean-Jacques Abalain, Romain Piera; Bénodet : Ackles29; Les Iles Glénan : Heike Neuman; Locronan : Peter Stenzel

Our three rentals
  • All year round 1000€ per week
  • 571€ short stay (4 days)
    excluding July and August
  • All year round 1400€ per week
  • 800€ short stay (4 days)
    excluding July and August
  • All year round 1500€ per week
  • 857€ short stay (4 days)
    excluding July and August



571 € / 4 Days



800 € / 4 Days



857 € / 4 Days


Lieu dit Crémoren - 29390 Scaër